Amy Hebert: Striving to Help Others

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“I can wake up and be totally happy and enthusiastic about what I do every day,” expressed Amy.

As an academic advising coordinator, advisor and assistant professor, Amy always has the student’s best interest in mind. One student raised his GPA tremendously by meeting with her weekly to discuss time management and study skills. Another was able to choose the right major and remain content about the decision with Amy’s help. These are only two instances of the many she has helped throughout her journey. Her supervisor David Zerangue said, “She’s the best. [She] is very selfless [and] self-motivated.”

Her desire to help comes from her own personal college uncertainties. Amy changed her major four times as an undergraduate eventually settling on General Studies because of the flexibility it offered. Now, she serves as an advisor for students in this program. Amy believes it’s okay to be uncertain in college because you learn from your experiences.

Her advice to students is to talk to people on campus, do career research, and think about your individual strengths. Don’t settle on being uncertain– you have to keep working hard and things will fall eventually into place, explained Amy.

After getting her bachelor’s degree she continued her academic pursuits in graduate school. During her second year in 2002, her mother, Elise, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and unfortunately passed away. To help provide for her family, Amy took a job as a secretary in her college’s tutoring center job. Through this, she realized that she wanted to work with students in higher education.

Amy’s  friend/co-worker Lori Richard recalled one of their past conversations, “We said, let’s be crazy and get a PhD together!” In the fall of 2010, very ambitiously, they set out for doctorates and finished in 2014. Lori explained, anytime she has a bad day Amy is there to remind her of what is important—helping the students. 

                                  “Amy is the most positive person I know,” said Lori.

Amy’s unquestionable desire to give back comes from her mother, who was a nurse, and her sister, Patty, who served as an administrator at a group home agency for the severely disabled until she passed away in 2015. “They devoted their careers to helping people and I strive to do the same,” explained Amy.


As for Amy’s future plans, she explained that she wants to stay in a job that makes her happy, and it is clear that making a difference in the lives of students makes her happy.